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I had a busy Sunday installing a few things.

AutoTecknic Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Trim
Really solid quality on this. It's a very close match to the BMW interior carbon fiber and looks much better than the brushed silver. Fitment is spot on and the install wasn't too bad.

I followed the IND paddle shifter install guide up to the point after they removed the paddle shifters. There are 3 T20 bolts on the backside of wheel (1 behind each paddle shifter and 1 at the bottom/6 o'clock). Once undone you can start gently separating the trim and then swap the controls over. each control panel and the heated steering wheel button are held in by T5 Torx (iirc). You don't need to remove any of the philips head screws when swapping the controls to the new trim piece.

MRG 82mm Titanium Stud Conversion
This was my first stud conversion on a vehicle but it seems worth it for my situation. I tend to swap wheels fairly often whether it's from a winter set to summer or changing summer wheels. So not only does this help with the ease of install but it allows me to run one set of nuts with no spacers, up to 20mm spacers. No more keeping track of 2-3-4 sets of bolts for each wheel setup.

Really nice quality and the install was a breeze. Blue lock tight each stud before screwing into the hub and torque to 20ft/lbs per MRG.

Dinan 15mm Spacers F&R
The stock wheels (and soon to be TSW wheels) were too sunken in for my liking. I went with 15mm all around which has a slight poke at stock height but nothing too crazy. These should be perfect once the KW's are installed too.

I plan to run these with the TSW wheels too for a nice and flush fitment.

Some photos.

Before 15mm spacers (rear):

After 15mm spacers (rear):

15mm spacers F&R:

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