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The main reason I bought this vehicle was how well they react with just a stage 1 tune. I can't lie it hurt a little bit flashing a car with 7500 miles on it but it was going to happen regardless haha.

I chose BM3 Stage 1 93 as my free OTS tune. I plan to run this for a couple months and get the feel for the change in characteristics. I really enjoy drag racing and the data associated with it so I plan to see just how far I can take the car on Stage 1 93 and nothing else.

So I needed a baseline.

Bone stock, 93 octane, just over half a tank of fuel.

After flashing the BM3 Stage 1 93, I dove around for about 20 miles or so to see if the ECU needed to adapt or anything (my previous Audi did). Then lined up to grab another run. Same location, slightly higher DA.

BM3 Stage 1, 93 octane, just over half a tank of fuel.

I am thoroughly impressed! I didn't think cracking a 10s slip on 93 would be this easy and shaving off a full 2 seconds on the 100-200. Next goal is to see if I can squeeze a 10.7-10.8 in a better DA!!
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