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Originally Posted by sfax
Originally Posted by BMWrules7 View Post
Hi April,

You should know that my 2011 750 li Xdrive works flawlessly with email.

Here is the trick and it works 100% of the time for me. I did report it here somewhere.

1. After your blue tooth recognizes and pairs with iphone, do the following. Like, just before you put the iPhone in the cradle.

2. Push the round menu button once to get you to a display of icons.

3. Double click the round menu button (yes, the same menu button)

4. A row of icons with a red/white minus sign next to them will appear.

5. Carefully slide your row of icons until you find the icon for email on the iPhone.

6. Touch the red minus sign associated with the email icon. This effectively kills the email process. (This is similar to a kill -9 in unix)

7. Tap the menu button once to get hide the row of icons.

8. Click on the normal email icon.

9. Click on inbox to see your messages.

10. Press the round button once to hide the email. This leaves your newly started email process in the background.

That's it. Now I know these ten steps seem like a lot. But, it is not. It only takes a few moments and is faster than going finding the settings icon, etc.

Just give it a shot. You will see it is not that bad. Once complete, the iPhone works in cradle or out for the rest if your trip.

If you leave the car with your iPhone, then you must go to tele and reselect your blue tooth connection...then follow these steps.

In reality, it only takes a few seconds to execute the above. It looks like a lot of steps, but it really isn't and I just wanted to carefully outline the procedure.
Not tried this but I'm struggling to see how this can possibly be faster or better than one change to settings - mail notifications each time you get in the car (assuming this is a fix that you have do every time you get in the car). Maybe I'm missing something

Does this method fix emails being incorrectly categorised as SMS?

Flawless to me would be you set it up once and it works forever.

No. The emails are still tagged as texts. My way is faster since you don't have to waste time reading menu options.

Flawless to me means it works every time. I said the solution was flawless.

If you were to forget to initiate this procedure before take off then my way can be fine without looking at the screen too much.