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I don't think WTT is saying he has DHP.....he's just saying he has (as the rest of us do with the 35i and SAP) the rocker switch that tunes normal/sport/sport+. DHP may be the system which handles the dampening but the DDC is what handles the changes to vehicle "personality". I agree pulling off the wheel will help but what good will that do unless we all know what we are looking at in the pictures. If go great, but since nobody on here (myself inlcuded) can determine on our own "how" this sytem works, I'm not sure that looking at pictures of someone's suspension will show the smoking gun. If so someone would have said, "if you take off the wheel and find "X" then you'll know the answer".

I'm not sure why everyone can't just wait for the questions to come back from the contacts we have at BMWNA rather than have people pull off wheels for something we may not know how to understand anyway.

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