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I do have a 35i without DHP and I want to believe the suspension changes.
I get the chassis image and the choices in I-drive for configuring.

I am hoping somehow you're right but how would this be possible without the damper control.

Here's one idea:
Physics wise we may actually be feeling a stiffer chassis when in sport mode
as all materials will exhibit a rheoplastic phenomenon, like the old Stretch Armstrong toy.
You can elongate Stretch Armstrong by slowly pulling on him, but if you punch him he's hard as a rock. Or, if you pull him apart (head to toe) rapidly the material the toy is made of
resists the pull when these more abrupt forces are applied.

So, with the faster throttle response it is conceivable the springs, shocks and chassis are reacting faster due to the snappier forces acting on them.

So, it's either my above response or somebody better clarify what technology
The non DHP 35i cars have. Other wise why offer DHP?