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Originally Posted by clivem2 View Post
I'm told I need VDC, Xenons, cameras, nav, premium sound. Each one is supposed to be very worthwhile. It's clear why some of us call it a day on some of the options. I can afford them but I choose not to.
I know we often have to limit our options, but my observation.... many BMW drivers will upsize the wheel specification, which advantages are to say the least open to debate, (other than looks) but typically make a BMW worse to drive on UK roads. Same buyers wouldn't dream of spending on a suspension upgrade, which reduces the compromises we have in a suspension system, and does do something positive for ride and handling.

I don't follow the logic when ride and handling are so debated, and ride quality of a BMW is one of the biggest criticisms by many users.

I came to the conclusion years ago that BMW 'got away' with putting RFTs on BMWs, as many drivers didn't care too much about the finer balance of ride and handling. BMW were already supplying many cars with big rimmed wheels with awful ride qualities, so introducing RFTs could be a natural progression into the mix.

For me the choice of a 19" wheel upgrade on the X3 for 845, or VDC for 930, there is no contest. Refinement comes first.

I sense most opt the other way around.