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Originally Posted by Wgosma View Post
I saw a guy on YouTube do that when he prepared to wash the underside of hood, a little extra drip protection. 😉
One thing too, if it isn't obvious, is that if you go this route the engine covers are super easy to take off and wash with a hose as well. Could even take them off first so they are sitting by when the rest gets washed.

I tend to agree that things can get wet and are designed to take on rain through the grille and splashes from underneath. However in reality very little gets through either, with the radiator in the front and the paneling underneath. Check the engine after driving in a rainstorm and see how dry it actually is. It should be able to handle it, but it isn't a routine thing.

I've cleaned my 135i engine bay only a handful of times total in its life and found recently when I changed plugs and coils that almost across the board they had some rust and corrosion on them. Wasn't enough to actually harm them, but it was proof to me that water can still get into areas you don't expect. It's an N55 same as my X3. Covering things may not be required but I have to say it's definitely good practice.
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