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Originally Posted by scottjays View Post
Rob. Can you elaborate on your suggested method. I really want to get rid of the horrible cradle and replace the console. I am nervous to dismantle and get really unhandy around cars. I can follow the detailed step by step but if you could really expand on your suggestion, I may take a stab at removing.
Originally Posted by scottjays View Post
can you clarify which is the correct storage compartment. When I searched for part, this part # came up 51 16 9 233 362 as well as the one you mention. see link

I think I ordered the wrong one (51169233362) from theBMWParts Can you tell me what the diff is btw the 2?

If you want to go the route I did and replace the console, you'll need to order this:
BMW Part # 51 16 9 184 500
Basically you can follow the guide, but when you get to Step 6 instead of pulling all of that apart you can remove the cubby (as shown down in the guide) and there should be connectors you can just unplug instead of taking the circuit board out. You can do it either way, even doing it the way I wrote above isn't terribly difficult.

I answered your PM too, but I think you need to order the part that ends in 500. I think the one you ordered is the original cubby like what your X3 came with.
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