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Originally Posted by clivem2 View Post
Precisely, the question was about what VDC modes were available, it seems the answer is 2. The may have been confusion over VDC (2 modes) vs PC (4 modes). As you state there is a relationship between the two though there is the option to have sport PC without sport VDC.
There certainly is confusion, as in iDrive you have the option to configure Chassis or Drivetrain, or both. Depending on what options you have fitted it means different things. For example 'chassis' only means the steering if there is no VDC fitted.

I know in my 5-series I run in chassis only, for steering and suspension. Leave the drivetrain unticked, as I can flick the gearstick to DS if I want the sport gear changes, or paddle the changes in manual mode. Just flick back to D when I'm in relaxed mode.

As to the 2 base damping modes and their association to the driving experience control, it is often misunderstood. In the 5-series there are 3 damping modes, so that also confuses the issue, when we compare BMW models.