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Originally Posted by driveseeker View Post
I'm curious what folks are finding currently in terms of price & incentives. I'm hoping to order a '19 M40i which with options comes to about 63,500. My local dealer is offering me only 2,000 off on a factory order, plus another 1,500 if I finance through BMW. I'd like to buy locally, but is anyone really paying that kind of price? Or is it that on the forums, we hear only about the great deals?

Thanks for any data points or perspectives.
So far, I'm able to get 1k under dealer invoice. About 7.5% off msrp. Being the 2019 X3 isn't scheduled to begin until next month, makes it kind of hard to try for 10k off msrp. On just about to be leftover 2018's, it's a lot easier.