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Wheelie Bin

Hi fellow F25ers! Just before the New Year we took delivery of a (nearly) fully loaded x3 3.0d M sport in Space grey / red leather with 10k miles on the clock. Having lurked on these pages for a few weeks I thought I'd say hi and share some thoughts.

I won't list all the options that came on the car, suffice to say bar the head up display and comfort access we have got the lot. We even have the automatically deploying tow hook, useless to me for the time being, although I may use it as a deterrent for the touch parkers of this world. Given the choice I probably would have chosen white - I love white cars - and gotten over the Cheshire United connetations. I also would have loved the top end "Professional" stereo upgrade. As it stands I have the "Business" speakers and amp, which isn't half bad.

We've come from a 2003 Audi A4 Avant TDi (130ps) which was and still is a great car. We chose the x3 as it offers a little more class, a little more space and a lot more poke. We are very pleased with the Beamer, it exceeds all expectations.

The car came with the 639 19" rims (staggered in the UK). I was concerned that the ride would be spoiled but the active suspension seems to keep things in check nicely enough. A few weeks ago we tested a 2.0M sport with 18" wheels and sports suspension deletion and I reckon our setup is a little more refined, although I haven't done a back to back test, maybe it's just wishful thinking!

I guess 10k miles is is relatively high for a may 2011 car. We only do about 7k miles a year so I reckon it's a safe enough bet. I am however slightly concerned about fuel economy. We did a run from London to Bude in Cornwall over the new year and the computer shows 30.9mpg doing home grown motorway speeds which won't loose me my licence. Does this sound reasonable as it should be well run in by now? I was hoping for 40 plus!

I've discovered a neat function of the hot keys for storing phone numbers. If you lightly touch them the stored number is displayed on the screen, useful if you can't remember who's number is stored on which number button. I guess most of you are already familiar with this trick but if you aren't then try it out. I suspect it's in the hand book somewhere but as we all know, real men never read the instruction manual.

Another unexpected bonus is the bins in the house are always empty as I keep feeling the urge to go outside to visit the wheelie bin which sits next to the X3.

Thanks for reading.

Now, off to do the recycling...