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Success! Pulling down the outer cover was east. The hardest part was pulling apart those two plastic parts around the mirror. I did break 2 plastic pins in the process, but it still locked shut when I put it back together. Hopefully no rattles when I drive home from work!

Special thanks to you both for the help and information!

Here are some pics of the completed project.
good job. couple of observation suggestions.

1. i would tuck away that wire a bit better you can use the whole where mirror comes out so you see it less.
2. i see you have a phone holder that is connected to the air vent, be very careful with those. my wife was sitting down one day and she knocked it out with her bag, broke the went. it's a $1000 replacement. thankfully i am a bit handy so i was able to glue it back together.

otherwise great job!
Took your advice and snaked the cable through the mirror arm hole. Looks so much cleaner!
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