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Originally Posted by BadGTR View Post
If you are going Ecutek with flex fuel, you will not need to switch maps at all. I know boost by gear and anti lag are options on Ecutek for the GTR are others. Have not read that it is available on this platform. What OTS map are you using? If Bootmod, why not use there bluetooth option?
Iím told I have the option to use an ďofflineĒ feature with the Bootmod3 but I canít seem to figure out how to utilize it. I have an iPhone, and with the newest updates it wonít allow me to switch maps. Still working on figuring it all out. Currently Iím running an OTS map, but Iím obviously wanting to get a custom E50 map, so thatís why Iím exploring my options with hardware.

What I was told on the Ecutek was that the anti lag, and boost by gear was available, just not fine tuned so they havenít fully released it on the F97 as of yet. But itís up and running on the G80/82 chassis though.
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