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The ambient lighting contours/tubes on both front doors were splotchy and uneven from factory. Disappointing, but a common issue on the G01 X3 platform. At the dealer now for new components.

God bless my SA. The local dealer is also the area's Rolls Royce service center, so he conscripted a Rolls tech to complete the work on my car. And then put me in a 2022 750 M-sport for the week.
In the Donington gray color no less too. He must be a good guy! Do you think this may have caused any faint rattling... ? or was this just a visual defect... ?
Lol having DG on this 750 only makes me more pissed they ditched it for the LCI. What a fantastic color it is.

You know, it's funny you mention the faint rattle. Over the past couple weeks, I had noticed a very faint (but clearly audible) rattle near the door lock pin on the driver's door. Easily masked by music, but clearly there without music or while on a phone call, etc.

Funnily enough, I've noticed a similar rattle in this brand new $120k 7 series. It has 200 miles on it

Figured I would wait to assess after they get the ambient lighting issue resolved. It's easy enough to pop off the door panel in my garage and apply felt tape all over, so if it's still there, that may be the route I take.
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