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Originally Posted by fastsoup View Post
Howdy all,

Noticed my brake pedal sinking yesterday, so today I put the car in the air and noticed a gash in the pass rear caliper hose. I disconnected it (first mistake) to see the part # and headed to the local parts store and got a replacement. Came home, installed the new hose (with the entire area covered in brake fluid), topped up the MC (took a whole bottle) and began to bleed the system with a 2 person procedure. No matter how many times we pumped the brake pedal, couldn't get any fluid to come from the pass rear bleeder. Driver rear had a slight bit come out...both fronts bleed normally (pedal to the floor and fluid streaming out from bleeder screw).

I am now understanding that I shouldn't have left that brake line to leak out all the brake fluid (introduced air into the MC). Do I need to now bench bleed the MC before proceeding with a 4 wheel bleed? Is there anything else that I can do? I don't have a bench vise. The vehicle is driveable, and a local shop has a brake bleed machine (one that hooks up to the MC and pushes fluid through the entire system). Would that be a better bet to push all the air out?

Did you drive home with no brake line or did you reinstall it?
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