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Originally Posted by Dinan_Engineering View Post

If you just want the performance benefits, just do the drop-in filters. If you just want the bling, just do the engine cover. There is some monetary savings by doing both (the "intake") but you don't have to go that route if you only care about one aspect or the other. In all 3 instances however the Dinan solution is easily the most cost effective on the market.

We fully realize that the "intake" moniker will not be accepted and the product description even references that -- "Together, the high flow filters and the carbon fiber engine cover, represent the X3M/X4M intake system even if the "intake" moniker may be considered a stretch and not universally accepted."

Main reason for calling it an intake was for emissions reasons as the combination of the filters and cover required it to go through CARB -- to make things easy at that juncture we decided to just call it an intake so it fit a known testing process and did away with a lot of extra questions on that front. Speaking of -- we suprisingly recieved our CARB EO on the intake kit late last week in record time so it is now 50 state legal. CARB online database will reflect this update in the next week or 2.
Thanks for the explanation. Will probably get the filters
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