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Very nice post! I also became very adept at looking at pictures to tell the options as well when I was looking for my ideal spec (35i, mineral white, mocha, tech, cold weather, x-line) last year. This was a bit easier for me because I was only looking for 2017 xdrive35i.

You can also use this website - to find the options installed if you have the VIN 3-5 times a day IIRC. You could use it on your phone (cell service), home computer internet, VPNs for additional uses per day if you want.

The additional info I'm providing should be relevant for all US spec LCI X3s, may differ for other regions.

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We ALL know how much the halogen headlamps SUCK.

ALWAYS check this first.

Halogen = only bottom half of low beams illuminate for DRL (daytime running lights), and you can clearly see the bulb in the lower bottom of the housing - and - NO angel eye rings around the reflectors.

Xenon = you can see the projector domed lens clearly, as well as the LED angel eye rings around them used for DRL.
Any xdrive35i is going to have xenon at minimum. It seemed like the halo rings were thicker and more pronounced with the X3s optioned with LED headlights on the ones I looked at.

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Drivers Assistance Package:
Front end collision avoidance, Blind spot detection, and 360 degree camera view.

Two indicators for these options are
[a] the camera in between the kidney grills just above bumper height / clearly visible when present
- AND -
[b] in the cabin, between the front vents on the dash / instead of just a single button for the hazard lights - that is half size and there is a second button in this space right below it - - this lower button allows you to select or deselect the safety options in this package
Another indicator is a yield or caution like symbol in the black plastic housing of the mirror visible when looking out the front or passenger windows. It can be seen when not illuminated.

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HUD (heads up display):
I didn't really find a "tell" on this one other than to try to catch a shot of the dash in front of the driver, but most photos don't show these angles very well.
If you can't see the dash cutout for the HUD in front of the driver look for the extended LCD display in the gauge cluster. Like this picture.
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It indicates the tech package installed and HUD comes with tech package.

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Heated Seats:
front = buttons on opposite sides of the hvac controls
back = buttons on opposite sides of the power port @ rear of center console
Cold weather package equipped - heated steering wheel (button on left side of steering column), heated rear seats.
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