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You probably got air in the ABS unit which is difficult if not impossible to get out without using a proper diagnostic tool(i.e. ista+) to put the ABS in bleed mode. If you don't have the proper equipment and the vehicle is drivable, take it to a competent shop (with equipment to put the ABS in bleed mode), tell them what happened and have them bleed it. Good luck

One of the front hoses on my truck sprung a leak which drew air into the ABS unit. I could not get a firm pedal no matter how much I bled them. I didn't have a diag tool for the ABS for this truck so I took it offroad and locked up the brakes to engage the abs several times which pushed the air out of the abs unit. A lot of air came out when I bled them again, then got a nice firm pedal. That's the backwoods method when you don't have the proper diag tool.
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