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Sigh. I dropped off my 2020 X3MC with 16k miles at the dealer because the HVAC fan speed was way down, like no more than 20% of full blast. They take it apart and the blower or whatever completely falls apart, kablooey. Part gets ordered, initially 1 day delivery, then 2 days, then 1 month backorder. F.

I'm given a loaner X3 30i and it has a hitch for my bike rack and CarPlay so I'm reasonably satisfied but damn, 1 month? They literally can't put it back together because the bad part fell apart.

I'll be reaching out to BMWFS to get some sort of credit on lease payment. I'm not needing to raise a stink over it but it sucks. Anyone else had their baby stuck waiting on parts like this?

Sounds like you just got your microfilter replaced and your Recirc flap got pushed the opposite direction. Just need to pull the flap back into normal position and recheck. Repaired quite a few so far and none needed additional parts
They're telling me parts are broken, like completely fell apart. I don't have more details.
Well it will all get fixed. There is an issue with replacing filters sometimes where removing the filter pulls the air flap past it's limit position and causes issues with air flow. I personally did this on my own X3 when doing my microfilter. Noticed it immediately when driving home after work that day. In my case all I needed to do was remove the microfilter and pull the flap back into it's normal position and recheck for nice movement. I've seen another case where the rod pops out that holds the flap and the actuator needs to be removed and reinstalled.
It's happened to several techs so far. And honestly it's a design flaw more than incorrect installation. Like I said, I did it on my own personal car and I can't tell you how many times I've replaced microfilters on car, maybe thousands. Microfilters are not difficult to replace at all.
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