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Originally Posted by RoyB View Post
Just mashed the gas. Much like the OP did in his comparisons above. The numbers are nearly identical to his which is promising. I apologize for the lack of launch control data at the moment. I am a bit leery of beating on the car too much until RIS is done

In the mean time, it's snowing out now. This will give me a chance to run the Dragy on my Cummins and V8 4runner now.
Thanks for posting, RoyB. Great to see Drivers enjoying the X3MC's abilities and sharing their results! And appreciate you referencing my runs, as I've tried to provide the necessary information surrounding each trial to allow reasonable comparisons. It'll be helpful to also share Dragy's temperature and estimated altitude, slope, and DA numbers when posting data if you can, as these all have a profound influence on a vehicle's performance. That way others can get a sense as to why their numbers may be better or worse than what others have shared.

Thanks again for sharing.
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