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Originally Posted by ThomasR View Post
A word of advice. Change it.

My 2015 X3 has 70k. I'm changing all the drivetrain fluids for the first time. Front and Rear diffs, transfer case and transmission oil and pan. This weekend I started on the diffs.

The rear diff oil was very clean and looked great. The front diff however looked dark and very used. There is no drain plug for the rear so you have to use a siphon like this one that I used:

And to pump it back in:

The front has a drain and fill plug. You do not have to remove the stiffening plate to change the front. I didn't. Make sure you break the fill plug loose first in case you find it is seized.

All fill and drain plugs are a 14mm allen. All fill plugs and drain should be torqued to 60nm.

Each require just under a quart. I used this for front and rear:

The manual calls for BMW 83 22 9 407 768 and this part number is listed as the direct replacement oil from Red Line for that part number.

The rear plug is on the top and there’s is no drain plug, is it because you don’t change it, just top off? It could be the reason why it is clean? Could be the only lifetime oil. Right now I have a transfer case oil leak, just a drip. I suspect the dealer loosen some bolts because I was there 3 times for different types of leak which they found initially, I did not see oil in my garage. I will try to put “Leak stop” mixed with the oil and by the way the transfer oil is not the same as the differential oil. The best thing to do is ask the dealer for part numbers, using your bin and you can buy cheaper from the web. Be sure they are reputable ones. Cause there might be companies that sell knock offs from China, cooking oil labeled as 75w90, you would t know ones it is inside. What I will do is mixed the old oil with stop leak put it back and top it off until the leak is gone and replace it with fresh one. These cars I bet you are easy to maintain if you are paying attention. The same with Mini Cooper, a pain in the ass but ones you know it’s intricacies, it can last longer.
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