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Help needed with NBT Retrofit

I'm struggling with a NBT retrofit in my car, a X3 F25 3.5I. I haven't found an a solution for my problem reading several forums so I hope someone on this forum can help me.

My car is a 201109 car en is equipped with a HU entry, Combox telematics, Bmw Assist, Top Hifi, Teleservice.
I know that i will have to reroute some cables from the Combox. Planning to install a TCB also (came with the NBT from the same car).

NBT unit is HW31 (1502) Screen is HW0009, both from the same car, also a F25.
Installed both, unplugged the combox, terminated Most with a original plug.
Added 609 and 6NS to the VO. Removed 6VC and 663. Changed zeitcriterium to 12/13.
Didn't use an emulator yet because I first wanted the NBT to function and if possible activate nav via a FSC code.
Results so far. NBT gives no response, no sound, no ticking, nothing. Screen stays black. ACC panel lights up every 20-30 seconds but acc doesn't function anymore. When I start the engine fan goes on and off all the time.
Reading Faultcodes with inpa I have 8 faults on the HU and several in other ECU's that I didn't have before.
I'm pretty sure(not 100%) that it is a coding issue. Can someone please help me? Many thanks in advance.

BTW the car is from Dallas. I bought is last year and had it transported to The Netherlands.
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