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Originally Posted by sfax View Post
You can use the white USB cable providing you have the tech package. If you don't you should use a BMW Y cable. Don't use the aux as there's no need and you get no iDrive control.
What option was part of the tech package that allows you to use the Apple white usb cable? (I have the nav w/ no tech package so I'm guessing that's not an option for me). What is the BMW Y cable? Does it charge the Ipod as well? Why use that vs. just plugging the mp3 right into the aux in port?

This car has so many tech goodies that I'm just trying to sort everything out; it's a little difficult reading through the manual for these things since some items are optional and sometimes I'm not sure if my car has them or not LOL, and the manual isn't the best at explaining things--it's pretty vague at times

In the second reply you mentioned streaming audio, do you mean via bluetooth?
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