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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
I'm surprised more of the X3 users aren't specifying VDC, to get the best from the chassis.

It is clear that those in 3 and 5 series cars are finding the VDC based suspension gives best of all worlds. Motor mags supporting that view.

For the X3, is it a case of users sacrificing superior ride and agility because it is an SUV, rather than getting the best possible?

Have many even tried it, to see what the benefits are in real world driving?

I know for the 5-series the ride and handling are in a different league with variable damping suspension, best technical feature of the car. Many report the same for the 3-series, the ability to have a sport setup and run in comfort when desired, makes so much sense. Rather than the "it's acceptable" type comments we get for most BMW suspensions, whether standard or sport setups.

I've said it before- I might have spec'd VDC if I could have compared an X3 with and without it. The dealer had one X3 20d with no VDC. The test drive seemed really good without VDC, I'll have another 18 months before I can change. Enjoying the 30d without VDC :-)