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I have the 30D M Sport with sport suspension (ie Sport Suspension was not deleted) and without VDC. It was an ex demo so I was stuck with the 19inch staggered tyres it came with. We are geriatic caravan towers. So the last thing we wanted was a 'sporty' (ie hard) ride.

When test driving we were particularly interested in whether the ride was hard or uncomfortable as my wife has back problems.

Result - we couldn't feel any difference to the standard 18 inch wheels we had tested before.

We have had the car for a year now and we are very happy with the ride quality.

That said - I currrently have 17 inch Winter Wheels on and it is definatly quieter although I would not complain about the road noise from summer 19 inch wheels, the 17 inch ones are just quieter.

Overall - I think you will be very happy with the M Sport without VDC and the 30D engine is a delight to drive.