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Originally Posted by 03BeastCharmer View Post
Originally Posted by ///M TOWN View Post
The 2 seat sports car market is booming �� at Porsche ‼️

Porsche doesn't have a shoe for every foot, and as such their business model is absolutely splendid.
Ummmm No. The SUV business is booming at Porsche. North America figures. Non of the 2 seat versions (911/Boxster/Cayman) sell better than 4 door SUV or sedan.

And how many shoe versions does the 911 have? Regular, 4WD, S version, 4WD S version, Targa, Targa 4WD, Vert (4WD/S versions), GTS (multiple versions), Carrera T, Turbo (S and verts), GT3 (touring trim I guess), GT3RS, GT2RS. You can have your 911 any way you want it. At least now they all use the same base wide body shell so makes them more similar and easier to produce.
Ummmm, I never said their sports cars outsold their SUV's.

Still Porsche will not kill off their sports cars.