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Originally Posted by clivem2 View Post
I find is hard to blame the X3 as I'm not convinced your heel pivot method is totally safe. If you need to brake extra hard unexpectedly you'll have you foot skewed on the brake pedal and may not be able to use optimal pressure or control.

Edit - I've just analysed what I do and I do heel apologies for my above comment. My heel is in line with the brake and I pivot to the accelerator. I have no issues with chunky shoes but I'm fairly typical at UK size 10, US size 11. I can see that bigger shoe sizes could be tight.
So today as I was driving I realized I do the heel-toe pivot as well but only for a small amount of time and then my foot needs repositioning. I've tried placing my whole foot on the gas pedal and that would be really comfortable if i never had to use the brake but when I tried to pivot my foot to the brake it was uncomfortable. There is a small raised lip in the all-weather mats just at the base of the gas pedal and that seems to be the culprit in having to re-postioning the foot. I'm thinking of cutting it out but I need to look more closely at it.