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Originally Posted by Ragnarkov View Post
nothing in front, but anything to the side (but ahead of you)? I've had my car detect people in the lane next to me if they get to close to the separation line. cruise control has slowed me down like someone has merged in front of me, but nobody does.

anything like that? aka just being super sensitive? or just possibly a glitch?
I don't recall seeing anything to the side, as I was ahead of the pack shortly after the light turned green. Maybe it was some small debris in the road that reflected the radar sensors in just the right condition? The road is quite flat in that area, so no bumps to trigger it.

I wish BMW would record the sensor and camera data 30 seconds prior to each activation of the emergency system. It would be a helpful debugging tool, but it could get them in trouble. I'm thinking of installing a dashcam now specifically in case the emergency system triggers falsely again so I wouldn't be held liable if anything were to happen.