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Bought an M5 last year - love it but... was a beast in the snow! So, before winter rolls around again, I just started looking for an all wheel drive for the winters (Ohio based). Thought I'd get a '09 (ish) something or other, thinking I'd be paying around 30-35K - well, visit to local BMW dealership has me smitten with the new '11 X3 xDrive35i..... (this is exactly how I ended up buying my M5 last year too - went in to look at another vehicle and drove out with the M5 beast!). I'd never owned a BMW before buying my M5, so dived right into the deep end. Anyways, back to my question - I'm smitten by the looks, feel and tech package of the new X3 -So what better place to ask for advice/ words of wisdom / words of caution etc. I also just spent some time looking at the pics of other members new X3 M package cars - I know if I do buy one, the M is a must!

Reading my post above, you may figure I'm already fully onboard with buying one - my caution is I threw caution to the wind on my M5 and it landed me in a heep of trouble (literally) last winter....