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relax, just some humor from someone who lived in Massachusetts for 12 years - the roads suck there, not much better in Maryland. If you really are going to ship the car to Germany than I can see your point. I have been on the Autobahn in a Mercedes on European delivery - driving in Germany is a very different experience.

increasing the speed limiter to 150mph on my X3 or any other ride I ever own would either land me in jail or 6' underground.

Originally Posted by dandanio View Post
Your comment is just showing how immature you are being. You already judged me just by looking at my profile... how childish.

In fact, I might be moving to Germany next year and I would be taking my X3 with me, and there are definitely some roads to touch 150mph, contrary to MD, right? Know you know, geez...

Anyway, getting back on topic here: is it possible?
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