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Power Window Anti-Trap Deactivated

Hi all,
I got the N20 DME recall done last week and when I got home from the dealer I realized I had a warning on the dash. It said Power window anti-trap deactivated. It's the driver rear window and it'll one-touch down but it will not go back up. I figured it was just a fluke thing and it'd go away or I could reset it. My MK7 GTI would deactivate the anti-trap/one-touch all the time and it was super easy to reset.
Well, about a week later it's still going off every time I get in the car. I've tried the holding button down for 15 seconds then up for 15 and it doesn't do anything. I don't want to blame the dealer since I feel like it would have been mentioned after service and I definitely don't want to get stuck with a 'diagnostic' fee for something like this especially since it's a week later. There are no actual errors for it on ISTA either so I am stumped. Is there a different reset procedure?
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