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Cue the blown engines….

racechip by itself is relatively safe. is definitely the "safest" option for mods.
with 7 settings, 1-3 is basically stock; 4-6 is a bit more aggressive and 7 is full race.
but even at 7, it's still far more mild and thus "safer" tune than anything else you can do it for speed and power.
Absolutely and categorically no. The issue with racechip and any tuning box for that matter is that it controls only very few parameters like boost and ignition timing. Usually pushing the limit on these in the most aggressive settings. There are many other parameters which are not altered and should be - which are with a proper mapping.
Any proper map - be it over a platform like bm3/mhd/mg flasher/ecutek or directly flashed over the ecu at a shop - unless it's a cheap copy paste will deliver better power at better reliability.
The advantage of the box is of course some possibility of claiming warranty (or at least the feeling of it as bmw has ways to see your overboost periods etc even when you remove said piggyback).
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