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Could be the lighting, but the bumper looks like it's a different color hue than the hatch so I wouldn't rule out a accident. Looks like the bumper is pushed up in the center area, but it's hard to tell much from your pics. Take some pics with greater detail, some with the hatch open.
Thanks! This is actually my third BMW. I'm not sure why I keep buying old BMWs with all their issues, it must be some kind of desire to inflict pain on oneself This one is pretty solid though, I like it.

I took a closer look. I think you are right, the bumper is pushed up in the center area, there is a visible dent. I think a previous owner just backed into something. I can't see any color difference in person.

I tried gently pushing the bumper down to no avail. I will ask my car body repair shop if they can do something about it.
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