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Originally Posted by Torgus View Post
As someone who has been in solar for over 10+ years. Have fun with that.

A MASSIVE cost of upkeep + it is literally the stupidest place to put them. Extremely inefficient.

The solar roads people in the states were a joke, this is too. This is NOT a new idea, very old and still very stupid.

Both China and the US has MASSIVE expanses of land they can put solar on. Energy distribution DC or AC is well understood and simple(enough). If we wanted we could power each time zone with 4-8 plants and just run HVDC all over the globe. Boom free energy from the sun.

You need this much solar to power all of the USA:

put a few of those red blocks in each time zone a few north a few south to account for weather. run HVDC.
So is solar panels the future? I wonder if its a good business...
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