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Originally Posted by jsublime View Post
The case for Conv Pkg:

To many of us, the money spent on CA may seem like a waste for just being able to touch the door to unlock. You certainly got more for your money when it also gave keyless start. As someone stated, you can just reach in your pocket and press the button to unlock. What I have learned is that since this is the wife's car, CA is a must. The wife cannot just "reach in her pocket" and unlock the doors. The keys are usually lost somewhere in the black hole that is a woman's purse. Have you ever waited for your wife / gf to find something in her purse? CA is a must.

As for the power tailgate, I've seen a few reviews on here that mention they wish they would have got that option as the door is "heavy". So again, as this vehicle is for the little lady, this option is probably a must.

Xenons are a must for everybody. Nothing else to say about that. If you get a base model with only one option, get the xenons. You can add aftermarket, wheels, nav, etc. but it's very difficult to upgrade this.
Moral of the story; Comfort Access is for women.