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I have 6K+ miles on my 2013 F25 N20 and I average around 22mpg. But, my average speed is usually around 28mph, which I think is key. I have a 55 mile round trip commute which does include a 3 lane highway but when I'm on it it's usually a 3 lane parking lot. Then, on the weekends, it's all around town driving. When I do drive on an uncongested highway, I'll get upwards of 32mpg just for that highway stint. But combined mileage struggles to get much over 22mpg. Driving in Eco Pro gives me a few tenths in mileage but not enough to make much of a difference. And it dosen't much matter which gas I use, althought I try to use Shell. Still, this is better than my 2008 E91 which struggled to maintain 20mpg in perfect tune.