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Originally Posted by clivem2 View Post
Maybe this has been brought up case not:

What fuel are the folks running who experience lag? The 40i engine needs something like 98 / 99 octane fuel if the knock sensor isn't to rob you of 30hp+. When the knock sensor is operating maybe it changes the engine mapping which end up creating lag?
Where exactly do you purchase 98/99 octane fuel? And where did you get this info where it states a loss of hp if you put in 93/94 octane? Never heard of or seen 98/99 octane in any of my local gas stations. With that said, I doubt knock sensors are going off in a car because its not filled with impossible octane gas, that would be a ludicrous expectation on BMWs end, especially in reviewing the owners manual in which it recommended 91 or higher for maximum performance.