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X3 Professional SatNav not fit for purpose

After a fair amount of testing my Professional Media SatNav :

1. quite a few Post Codes missing - last 1 or 2 or 3 characters - so that it either displays a huge list or the address is missing - this is for valid Postcodes for addresses of houses that are decades old and which my 6 year old Garmin recognises.

2. using the Interactive map instead it rarely actually picks up the road where the cross hairs are but often the nearest town or a road a mile away.

3. also quite a few roads are missing from the data base.

It seems that the SatNav software is either badly written or faulty in that it will not do what the manual or common sense says it should.
Made worse by the fact that the SatNav database is incomplete.

Does anyone know if the software is being replaced?
My dealer is getting no where with BMW.

Stupid since some of the software in the car (Highbeam assist, Speed limit display) is pretty impressive. So how they managed to take something so common now as SatNav and make it such junk is beyond me.