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Welcome to the automotive shift thanks to Tesla. They are very successful while using these models so other automakers are also seeing if they too can be successful at this.

I'm sure it is also driven by the bean counters just as much as it is by the marketing department. If they can make this work they could, in theory, have a much more streamlined manufacturing process where they have very little deviation between cars of the same model on a hardware and assembly perspective.

For owners though it adds a whole lot of extra complexity. For instance, will you lose access to various car features when it can't verify you have ownership of these features (like the CarPlay issue last year). A key question we'll soon learn the answer to is if the CarPlay going free was a result of BMW learning owners aren't interested in subscriptions and OTA purchases or if they just felt the pressure due to CarPlay being free across the rest of the automotive market.

I'm not a fan of this personally and I wouldn't buy the car if I felt like I was going to be getting pop ups for "DLC" constantly like a video game. Once and done. I'll buy what I want when I order the car.