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I say go for the mineral silver...the white looks better to me only with the M package which removes the black trim around the bottom of the car. I love the Oyster interior with a black exterior because of the black on the I say go with the beige for the mineral silver or white ext. I'm reading lots of comments about sport seats, most everyone seems to really like them. I haven't ordered my car yet, but there doesn't seem to be too many ways to go wrong with this car! Enjoy!
Thank you!
I thought about M package but black trim around the bottom of the car save you from light contacts with another car or border stone or another subject.
You can be more careful if you have M package, but you cannot make other drivers be careful with it
But I think a contrast between white exterior and black trim can look nice...
I think X-line package doesn't fit Alpine White, but it should fit Mineral Silver a lot.
The beige interior fits both Mineral Silver and Apline White, at least
It seems I must order sport sits and reject folded mirrors and rear view camera to stay in the same budget
I went with Alpine White and black interior. Love the colour, and it's easy to maintain.
In my opinion, the M Sport body kit is atrocious. Makes the car look bottom heavy, obese and cheap. It also removes some of the off road utility.
The sport seats are very comfortable. You can adjust the side bolster and thigh extension to fit you body. I've heard some people (typical over weight Americans :P) complain that the seats feel too tight. If you're a bigger chap, you will want to try them out first I think. Just to be safe.