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Originally Posted by Teemo Panda View Post
Hey guys,

I know this may be old news and I thought just wanted to share. I recently just got my 1st oil change and boy, it is a big difference rather retaining with the original factory oil until next year.
It just makes the engine run and breathe smoother like silk. On the factory oil, I felt like there was something holding back the engine like there was a resistance on it.
I have been avg 23mpg city driving on Eco Pro with the factory oil, sometimes I switch to sport mode to jack rabbit if I feel like it. So far I have been getting around 220-230 miles on a 65% in the gas tank weekly.
Btw, when using the ASS, I felt like it was smoother with the oil change.

Trip cost to a local BMW Indy
6 qrts $50
BMW filter $14
Service $52
Awesome customer service, with car insight knowladge $0

Total=$116 compared to an estimate at $180 at the dealer

Hopefully I would see improvement overtime,
When you write 'factory oil' are you referring to Castrol? The oil BMW uses at routine servicing is exactly the same oil that is used on the production line. The new oil that you used should be the recommended viscocity and specification, i.e. be BMW approved. If not you will likely void any warranty on the engine.