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People have seemingly made the argument that the MY shouldn't matter, a sale is a sale - but if that's not the case, I'm curious when those types of deals generally become more commonplace. Do I have to wait until all the 2018s are gone?

After sifting through all sorts of lies while negotiating on a 2018, I would hopefully like to have my facts straight when I spit out evidence of what deals I know other people to be getting.
I could understand MAYBE on a 2019 SDriev that has already been out in the wild. BMWs have a 5% mark up so to take an additional 5% AND $2,500 on top of that seem a little too good to be true.

While it is possible to get 10% off with incentives on certain models this still seems a little too good to be true. Let's see proof!
I posted my proof a few posts back. That spreadsheet I posted is my exact deal.

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