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I'm at 10.19% off MSRP BEFORE rebates. It's likely only because of having a 2018 and then BMW cancelling it and rolling it into a 2019. CAN. NOT. WAIT.
That's a great deal! But what am I missing then?

I did (MSRP-Cap Cost), then subtract rebates to get to adjusted cap cost.

Did I do that wrong? Admittedly I don't know what inceptions are...

Want to make sure I understand as much as I can before I try to do this again. Getting someone to agree to 10% off before rebates was like pulling teeth when I tried to do this a couple months ago. I didn't end up buying then for a couple of reasons, but I can't tell you how many times I heard "I've never seen a deal like that / BMWs pricing is the same everywhere and that's below our cost for the car / etc etc etc". It's exhausting.
Sorry for the short post.. on the go...

When I say 10.19% off MSRP I'm just talking about the percentage difference between sales price and MSRP. The inceptions (first month, registration, acquisition fee) are then added to the sales price and then the rebates are subtracted out for adjusted cap. Essentially the rebates just paid for my inceptions in the deal posted. I'm giving a little more cash along with the rebates to make the payment $799 just because. It's stupid to do, but I want the monthly statement to reflect less then $800.

You can supposedly find the "dealer cost" by subtracting 5% of the MSRP from the invoice cost of the car. If you do that I think my sales price is $622 above "dealer cost" and once you figure the dealer has real costs involved in taking delivery of the car (PDI, etc) they're probably not making anything on my deal. Maybe someone from a dealer can chime in and tell me if my thinking is correct.

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