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Originally Posted by Resjudicata View Post
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Cue the blown engines….

racechip by itself is relatively safe. is definitely the "safest" option for mods.
with 7 settings, 1-3 is basically stock; 4-6 is a bit more aggressive and 7 is full race.
but even at 7, it's still far more mild and thus "safer" tune than anything else you can do it for speed and power.
I'm not trolling, it's just I have seen this over and over and over again starting with the N54. So many who blow their engines or have engine issues do not come on here to post because BMW monitors these places and people are trying to stick BMW with the bill because they don't want to have to pay to play. SOOOO many tuners are just resellers of someone else's tune they know nothing about and do not truly understand it's ramifications.

These cars/SUVs are already beyond ridiculous fast, beyond 99% of owners ability to control fast and people out here looking for more power just to say they have it….and then try to dodge the consequences. Money would be better spent on more HPED days with the stock car.

Nothing more than my .02 and experience.


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