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2017 X4m40i Electrical Issues. Anyone else?

Hello All

I have ongoing electrical issues with my 2017 X4m40i for the last few months.

I am curious if anyone else has encountered a similar experience?

Our complaints: The vehicle headlamps, dash, iDrive will flicker, immediately after we get some or all or various error messages: Increased Steer Effort, Braking System Failure, Drivetrain Malfunction. We would lose power steering, applying the brakes would require a great deal of effort, the transmission would kick from sport to comfort and or kick to neutral.

On several occasions later in the repair process, the vehicle would completely turn off/restart while driving. The BMW dings you hear when you first start would happen after all the error messages displayed.

Oct 10th – Vehicle dropped off for repair. The dealer diagnosed a bad alternator.
Repairs made: Alternator
Oct 12th - The issue persisted, dropped the vehicle off. Dealer diagnosed a bad shifter; they ordered a new shifter assembly.
Oct 29th – We pick up the vehicle from the original repair after being dropped off on Oct 10th.
Repairs made: Shifter assembly.
Oct 29th – The vehicle makes a loud boom after leaving dealership and transmission went into safe mode while driving. We limp back to the dealer.
Nov 1st – We pick up X4.
Repair made: Charge Pipe
Nov 2nd – The same issues are persistent; we drop the vehicle off again.
(On a cruise during 11/14- 11/21)
Nov 25th – The dealer was unable to diagnosis the issue after having a vehicle for 3 weeks. They give the car back.
Dec 3rd – We return the vehicle to the dealer with pictures of the error messages.
Dec 6th - We pick up the vehicle.
Repair made: Steering rack replaced.
Dec 10th – We drop the vehicle off for the same issues, but now the car will turn off/restart while driving.
Dec 12th - Service Manager asks that I disconnect the aftermarket LED footwell lights and an aftermarket subwoofer/amplifier, to help them diagnose the issue.
Dec 18th – They are unable to diagnose the issue and give the car back.
Dec 19th – We get pulled over by a local Sheriff who witnesses us stalling in the middle of an intersection of a divided highway.
Dec 20th – We dropped the vehicle off again. The dealer drove the car with the BMW NA Rep and the issues did not appear during their 5-6 mile test drive. Dealer stated they will have a BMW master technician come in.
Dec 30th – Once again no repair made. I refuse to pick up the vehicle. BMW NA intervenes and they have a BMW Master Tech recommend to replace the battery.
Jan 4th – They replace the battery. I test drive the X4 with the Service Mgr and GM. No issues during 30 min test drive.

Since they have replaced the battery, it seems to have fixed the issues, but we don’t drive the vehicle far distances due to our past experiences.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?