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Originally Posted by Mtxzptlk View Post
Good to hear that you got some traction. Hopefully it goes through gets addressed.
Of course the current rep I need to hear from is taking PTO until next Wednesday. I went back to the dealer again and the service advisor is like, I need to get BMW Customer Service to get this guy to look at it again even though BMW EAST Rep says this, it doesn't matter because I need the WEST to do it....apparently. The SA at BMW Bellevue wont give me the name of the BMW NA Rep of the Seattle area but he's like, there's only one. I forwarded the email I received from the East Rep and he's like I'll send it to the rep here but still I need to get Customer Service to be involved or else this West Rep will probably do nothing. Isn't that frustrating?!

So Later on after I left the dealer, I called BMW Customer Service, man, the guy on the phone wasn't very helpful or reassuring. Hamza was his name and he kept insisting I go back to the dealer that just shot me down and..I'm like go back and do what?!?!? I'm like I need to make or start a claim!!!! He's like I can't do that, only the dealer can...I'm like the effing dealer told me to call you!!! then he changed his tone, ok well I'll fill out something and I'll get the dealer to contact you...I'm like great and thanks!

What if the only way I can get this fix is by sending the car to the Pennsylvania dealer to get this warrantied out? Think I can legally get BMW NA to cover the expenses for shipping the car out to Pennsylvania from Seattle because of this one West Coast Rep?:
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