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BMW OEM M-Performance Flow-Through Rear Spoiler with iND Custom Paint Scheme

As a birthday gift, my wife presented me with this beautiful OEM M-Performance spoiler, painted by iND. She's always asked "what was next" with her typical eye roll and I would go off naming random stuff that I know she wouldn't pay attention to, but I guess this one stuck in her head as she wanted to plan something for my birthday.

The X3M is a family car, so 99% of the time, it's a mom/dad mobile, either to ferry the kids to and from school, pick up groceries, or the weekend excursions to keep the little ones entertained. My wife isn't into crazily modified vehicles and prefers clean lines and subtle, tasteful mods, whereas I'm on the other end of the Asian spectrum and RICE is the main staple of my diet. So when I mention the word "wing" or "spoiler" to her, she immediately cringes. I'm damn sure when I mentioned the "OEM spoiler" for the X3M, the wife was immediately turned off on the idea, but she must have looked online anyways and found she liked it as well, especially with the paint scheme from iND. So, with the help of a friend, she ordered it online. Of course, what with the backup of parts and paint jobs what not, the gift didn't come later until a month later. But no big deal to me. I'm just happy I received it in the first place.

What with being busy and the weather being a bit icky until recently, I wasn't able to install it until last night with a group of friends. I could've done it on my own, but 1. that wouldn't be fun and 2. I knew I would screw up the fitment and having the extra set of hands made all the difference.

Impressions: It looks absolutely beautiful. The fitment is obviously dead on considering its an OEM part, and the installation process itself was straight forward. The paint scheme and the work done on the spoiler from iND is pretty much god-tier. The color match is absolutely exact to the rest of the car and the detail/lines are unrivaled from any other provider in the business. I always say this, but iND can never do any wrong. When it came to the install, I basically went by the iND youtube video. I skipped on the betalink because it's basically permanent and extremely messy to use. Before the install day, I took the time to add my own 3M VHB to where the betalink would go (following the BMW install guide) and got the 3M adhesion promoter and added that to the base of the spoiler like what the iND video suggested. That adhesion promoter really did work, and basically once the tape made contact with the surface, it stuck on immediately and wouldn't budge at all. of course, I added tons of pressure and made sure each and every spot had no gaps. With the 3M tape and adhesive promoter, this thing is NOT going anywhere. My forearms are sore from all the pressure I put on the damn thing.

Anyway, here are the pictures. If anyone is on the fence on getting this thing, don't. Just do it, especially with the iND paint scheme. It makes all the difference.

Special thanks to IND-Distribution


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