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Originally Posted by SearsTurnSix View Post
I've been following this thread and your posts over the past couple of months. The consistency of your ETs and MPH in your time slips caught my attention. Really mind blowing what this 4600lb SUV can do for a stock luxury cruiser with a warranty and at its price. Played a part in my decision to order an X3MC.

Also, your Draggy vs. time slips comparison was very well done. Impressive what that little GPS timer. can do Excellent work!

Do you have any plans to mod your car? Flash tunes aren't yet available for LCI. I've been hesitant to run the piggy-back tuners, and likely won't on my car. BMW, VW, have started to crack down on tuning by making ECU/DME more and more difficult to crack.
Thanks for the positive feedback. Iím staying bone stock as I share your warranty concerns, although I fully understand the lure of mods given the F97/98ís capabilities. But, if BMW produces an X3MCS (lowered, CFRP roof, 265/295 forged wheels, tuned like current St1 93 offerings, and wider stance) Iíll be giving them a deposit.

Originally Posted by onfireX5 View Post
... More data, the better.
onfireX5 's discussion of slope variations at Strips prompted me to run the X3MC in my old acceleration simulation to see the effects for +1.0%, 0.0% and -1.0% grades. As previously discussed, the Sim isnít a professional product so itís not an ideal representation in the first few hundred feet (given the complex Physics involved and my lack of background in any of this), but as it has shown, it can track the acceleration curveís shape fairly well beyond that range, even if at a different set point. Iím including a zoomed view of the graph with my 1 May 2021 GNV Raceway data points as reference.

Qtr Mile X3MC Simulation details - sea level, frontal area 2.69m2, mass 2096 kg, 546HP, torque 496 ft-lbs (672 Nm) which are previously documented dyno numbers by some in the Forum, and slopes of +1.0%, 0.0%, and -1.0%:
Slope +1.0%: ET 12.36s, Spd 117.90mph
Slope 0.0%: ET 12.27s, Spd 119.00mph
Slope -1.0%: ET 12.18s, Spd 120.09mph

So even slope variations within the allowed +/-1.0% range clearly make a difference in this quarter mile simulation. Just as DA, weight, octane, tires, and tuning/modifications (just to name some) must be taken into account when comparing data, so too should verified slope values as they also aid in understanding results.
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