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Originally Posted by Max Well View Post
Excellent - looking forward to your data!

The master spreadsheet has over 40 sub-spreadsheets from Members which I've maintained since 2015, so I don't have a public link to an interactive Leaderboard if that's your question, but I do keep all of them current when we have submissions. I usually update the relevant sheets once all info from a Member's Strip day is entered (slips, DA, octane, settings, etc.) and then post the updates as jpegs for ease of download. I try to also provide each Member with their own personal log for the day which they can save (which aren't necessarily of interest to everyone). The overall Leaderboard isn't usually updated unless it changes (as it did with your run 22 Oct 2021).

I'll edit this post tomorrow to share what we currently have across the board. I've thought about editing the first post in this thread to place the most current Leaderboard updates for ease of viewing... I'll revisit that if everyone thinks it'd be helpful.
This would be awesome! That's ultimately what I'm most curious about but if it's too much work no problem at all.
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