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Originally Posted by Oldgixxer View Post
Thanks. Thoroughly impressed w this vehicle. When I lived back North and would do track rentals with other enthusiasts we would wait for this time of year and chase the negative DA at either MIR or Atco w the sole intent on breaking Stock 1/4mi records. Back in 2007 I was the first to run an 11sec 1/4mi w an '07 E63 AMG(stock) and now my 4700lb SUV laughs at 11.9s lol!

Now it's just for fun
Thanks for sharing your Dragy, Oldgixxer. I also chase the dream of low DAs with sunny skies to see what our bone stock F97s can do. Here in the Deep South for those factors to align on the few Saturdays of an 'All Welcome Test-N-Tune' at our local Strip is rare, though, unfortunately.

Looking forward to seeing more of your contributions.
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